Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Make-up Bag Tutorial

This is not my idea.  I saw this on another site awhile ago and decided to try one on my own.
Supplies:  2- 11" x 17" pieces of fabric
2-11" x 17" vinyl iron on laminate (only one if you only want to laminate inside)
2- 1" x 2" pieces of fabric
9 inch zipper

Iron on laminate according to directions to each of the 11 x 17 pieces.
Cut the two laminated pieces in half (11x8.5")

Sew one 1x2" strip right side facing to one end of the zipper.  Repeat. Than flip out pieces.

Align zipper right side facing down to the right side of the long edge of one of the outside pieces of the make-up bag.  Trim each end of the zipper/1"x2" fabric extensions to match the width of fabric.

Sew the zipper side to the fabric.

Right-sides together align the part you just sewed to the right side of one piece of the lining.

Sew the pieces together along the same seam line.

Your sewn pieces should look like this...

Attach the other side in the same manner.

Fold it open... and then unzip the zipper.
Align the right sides together of the outside, and also align the right sides together of the lining.

 Sew around the parameter leaving an opening in the lining to turn the bag right sides out.

To square off the bottom pull out the pieces so that you can align the horizontal seam to the vertical seam and then draw a line a couple inches from corner for each corner.
Sew on the lines and trim the excess.
Turn it all inside out and enjoy!

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